About us

Cryptocurrency is easy and profitable!

About us

Zoox club is a unique ecosystem for complex investment in hi-tech segments of the IT market: cryptocurrency mining and nanotechnologies. In our command are more than 40 experts. Also, we implant modern IT solutions in our work: 34% of income generates by algorithms based on neural networks.

We achieved a stable and safe increase in our business due to using different instruments and strategies. They assure not only regular income but also fast profit. Now our company is concentrated on the development of 3 basic directions:

  • Investing in cryptocurrency, trading;
  • Mining and development of your farm;
  • Nanotechnology development and electromechanical engineering services.

Zoox club has the license to realize the investing activity, and the company is officially registered in the United Kingdom. It allows us to cooperate with investors all around the world.

The cryptocurrency market has increased in the 2020 year by 14.5%. Jookapay is using the newest IT solutions and instruments for investing in cryptocurrency. It provides a stable increase in our investor's deposits and the company's income.

Due to our harmonious investing system and our team's professionalism, we managed to achieve optimal conditions for each of our partners. You will be able to withdraw your first profit already in 24 hours after the lodgement.

Manual and documents Officially registered company: #13841701
Why us?
Day and night support

The support manager will answer all of your questions at any time of the day

Reliable security

All accounts and private information is protected from DDoS assaults by transversal encryption.

Fast withdrawal of funds

Withdrawals are available 24 hours after depositing your account and takes up to 5 seconds!

Stable income per day

Interest on the deposit is calculated daily.

Convenient interface

Fully automated personal account under your control.

Our mission

To provide safety and simplicity in investing sphere of hi-tech tools: nanotechnologies, robotics, cryptocurrency mining, and trading.


Safety. One of Zoox club's main priorities is to provide safety of investments and supplant rogues and unscrupulous rivals out from the market.


Simplicity. The main priority in the work of our company is a simplification. We intend to create investing platform, which allows everyone to invest without specialized knowledge and experience.


Profit. Of course, the main Zoox club asset is our partner's profit. We are always updating our strategy and employing experts from all over the world to gain maximum profitability in investment and business and to maximally lower risks.

Company management

Zoox club involves individual and juridical entities for investing in the development of our platform and its improvement at this moment.

Zoox club was founded in the 2020 year by the Trust Tech founder and Tron Mobio project ideological inspirer Salso Verginni. Now the company is being handled by the board of directors and the company founder at the head. Zoox club board of directors congregate each quarter and report with all changes in the company functioning is being published according to the meeting results.