Before using this site and registering your account read the Zoox club Agreement carefully .

By registering on this website, you confirm your agreement with all the provisions outlined in the Agreement of the Parties, and undertake to strictly comply with them.

The Zoox club investment resource guarantees the full authenticity of the data specified below.


1.1. This Agreement is made by legal department of Zoox club company (hereinafter referred to as Company) and defines the order of functioning and usage of the given network investment resource;
1.2. Each potential Partner of the resource is obliged to get acquainted and to agree with the given Agreement of the parties (further in the text of the Agreement) before passing the registration procedure. Registration on the website means complete and unconditional acceptance by the Partner of the terms of this Agreement, as well as agreements on processing of personal data and non-disclosure agreement;
1.3. This Agreement can be changed and/or amended by the legal department of Zoox club unilaterally without any special notice to the other party.


2.1. The Company is an online resource located in the Internet at;
2.2. The project accepts deposits from the Partner with further payment of dividends on the deposit drawn up in the Company;
2.3. All funds are raised from the main activity of the Company in the field of cryptocurrency and forex trading.


3.1. Registration in the resource is available at;
3.2. Participant of this resource can be any legally capable person who has reached the age of majority in his country of residence;
3.3. You can only create one account from one computer. In case of violation of this clause of the Agreement, your accounts may be blocked with further penalties of 100% of your deposit.


4.1. The Partner has the right to create one or several deposits according to the presented investment offers on the official Company site;
4.2. The sum of the contribution in a resource - is regulated by the specified investment offers;
4.3. The amount of withdrawal of funds in the project depends on the selected withdrawal direction. Actual sums below in the text: The number of withdrawals is not limited;
4.4. Deposit payment is made using the following payment systems Bitcoin, Tether USDT TRC20, Ethereum, PerfectMoney, Payeer;
4.5. Early withdrawal of the deposit is possible, but withholding 20% commission of the deposit amount, on any time of the deposit.


5.1. Accrual of interest on deposits is made on the balance of the Partner's account according to the investment offers, but not earlier than 24 hours from the moment of registration of the deposit;
5.2. Immediately after the accrual the funds become available for withdrawal from the balance of personal account;
5.3. Payments are made within 48 hours from the moment of application for withdrawal.


6.1. Each Partner can take part in the Partner Program and receive for this an partner commission in the form of a certain amount from each new deposit of the new Partner invited by you;
6.2. Partner program in the Company consists of 10 levels;
6.3. The commission amount as a percentage is regulated according to the actual progressive partner program set out on the Partners page.


7.1. Technical support department of the Company guarantees correct functioning of the resource and all scripts related to it, but does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the resource;
7.2. Access can be limited at times of technical work on the hosting side, as well as in circumstances that have arisen for reasons beyond the control of the Company and require some time to eliminate them;
7.3. The Company shall not be liable for any possible damage incurred by the Partner or other persons as a result of participation in investment activity of the Company;
7.4. Participant agrees to independently bear all risks connected with participation in investment activity, including the risk of loss of deposited funds.


8.1. This Agreement is an agreement between the Partner and the Company regarding the procedure of participation in the Zoox club investment program;
8.2. These Agreements come into force for the Partner from the moment of registration on the website of the investment platform;
8.3. If one or several provisions of this Agreement are deemed invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it shall not affect validity or applicability of other provisions.